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City Name Address Phone
Franklin Gold City Amusement Park 9410 Sylva Hwy 441 N. 1-800-713-7767
Foscoe Greater Foscoe Mining Co Hwy 105 S. 1-828-963-5928
Hiddenite Hiddenite Gems Emerald Hollow State Route 1001 1-828-632-3394
New London The Cotton Patch Gold Mine 41697 Gurley Rd 1-704-463-5797
Spruce Pine Gem Mountain Gemstone mine Hwy 226 Between Spruce Pines
and the Blue Ridge Parkway
Rio Doce Gem Mine Hwy 226 1/2 mile North
of the Blue Ridge Parkway
Union Mills Thermal City Gold Mine 5240 US Hwy 221 N 1-828-286-3016
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